There Are Three Simple and Unique Ways to Use Wallpaper to Decorate a Child’s Room¬†

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When making mobiles and other hanging decorations, there are several approaches to take. Wallpaper installation is a simple and orderly process. In the video below, I show how to turn a piece of wallpaper into a charming hanging mobile that is ideal for a family home with children. Photowall has a large selection of stunning wallpapers that are a perfect fit for the project at hand. 

Before applying wallpaper, make sure you can remove the entire pattern from it. There are many wonderful options for use in a child’s bedroom, and animal motifs lend themselves well to this type of do-it-yourself project. Galapagos Blue, Galapagos Green, Fish Pattern, Zoo, Retro Zoo, Bird from Peppercookies, and Sea Monsters by Petit Griffin are some examples of designs that could be used. These are just a few suggestions.¬†

You will need the following items: 

  • A patterned wall covering with removable and repositionable pictures or figures; I used Galapagos Blue.¬†
  • Round bar Twine Line of fishing Balls made of wood Scissors Stick of glue Punch a hole Punch a hole¬†

DIY – Children’s Wall Hanging¬†

  • Make a calendar for each month of the year.¬†
  • Complexity: Simple¬†
  • Time required: approximately 15 minutes¬†

There was a monthly board that hung in the large playroom when I was a small child attending kindergarten. The bulletin board displayed an image of the current month, as well as the name of the month inscribed on the photo itself. Every month, all of the children gathered in a circle, and the teachers led a brief ceremony in which they “conjured up” the next month.¬†

For this part of the ritual, the children were required to close their eyes. It always amazed and surprised me as a kid that a picture board could recognize the month and change its shape accordingly, and I still think it’s cool that it can do that. Now that I’m an adult, I realize the board had twelve photographs on it, and they simply cycled through them to get to the correct month. Nonetheless, there is an air of mystery surrounding this. It will look fantastic in a child’s bedroom.¬†

Because Photowall contains a large number of wallpapers that can be associated with a variety of months, I reasoned that it was only natural for me to keep the month board up to date. Here, you can choose the exact layout that best suits your needs. Twelve different designs should be created, one for each month of the year. 

One piece of advice is to use the search option, which allows you to enter the season, colors, or design style that you are looking for. All that remains is for you to select twelve images. I created a little something extra for the black and white Moomin designs. 

You will need the following items: 

  • 12 different designs¬†
  • Photo Frame (mine is 30×40 cm) Months’ Names Are Printed (download our template here)¬†
  • A glue stick Scissors Stick of glue¬†
  • A ruler, scalpel, or scissors for cutting out or snipping the pattern.¬†

Begin by cutting out your design with scissors or a craft knife. Using a scalpel and a ruler, you’ll be able to achieve perfectly straight edges.¬†

Glue the months onto each of your twelve designs

Allow it to completely dry before placing it in your photo frame. Arrange the months in the correct order so that you can easily “imagine” the next month when it arrives. If the wallpaper is a little white and you have a dark design (like this), it can show through, so either put some heavy white paper between them to hide it or turn the image back to back. It can show through if the wallpaper is a little white and you have a dark design (like this).¬†

Now that your monthly board is finished, all that remains is to hang it on the wall in the area where the children sleep. 

Wallpaper can be used to create a one-of-a-kind doll’s house

  • The difficulty level is low.¬†
  • Time required: approximately 30 minutes¬†

What are your thoughts on the possibility of wallpapering ten rooms in a single morning? You might laugh at me, but it’s true! A doll’s house, of course, has ten rooms. A small world shrunk down to miniature proportions is indeed charming. And the little world’s walls are covered in charming wallpaper.¬†

Something that should be in every child’s bedroom! A great project for using up leftover wallpaper samples and offcuts from another project. Did you know that you can order a sample of each of the Photowall wallpapers? You will be sent a sample the size of an A4 to examine the pattern and get a feel for the fabric’s quality. It is also ideal for re-decorating a miniature home, such as a dollhouse.¬†

You will need the following items: 

  • Wallcoverings for each of your rooms¬†
  • Dolls’ house, peepshow, or something similar (an old shoe box will suffice!).¬†
  • Wallpaper adhesive (when you buy custom-made wallpaper, it comes with an adhesive)¬†
  • Shears for toothbrushes¬†
  • Maybe some A4 blank paper to use as a template for whatever you’re making.¬†

Create a template of the walls to be papered; this will allow you to determine whether or not the individual pieces will be large enough before cutting the actual wallpaper. 

Draw the templates directly on the wallpaper, then cut out all of the components. Apply a layer of wallpaper paste directly to the wall of the doll’s house with a paintbrush, taking care to spread it out evenly across the entire wall. After you’ve attached the wallpaper to the wall, smooth it out with your finger to remove any air bubbles and ensure the wallpaper is even.¬†

Wallpaper the walls of each room in the small house. Then go ahead and move in! 

We hope that this article has given you some inspiration and ideas for things you can do to decorate a child’s room.