Melodic Death Metal Playlist for Online Gaming

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Metal began to gain mainstream popularity in the 1980s when bands like Metallica, Megadeth, and Iron Maiden were at the top.

Melodic Death Metal Playlist for Online Gaming

Metal began to gain popularity in the mainstream in the 1980s when bands like Metallica, Megadeth, and Iron Maiden were at the top of the music world. Metallica is the only band to have successfully adapted to the changing musical landscape, but by the 1990s, it had lost both its edge and popularity.

Even though Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath laid the groundwork for what would later become metal music, Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, and Kiss were at the forefront of ushering in the first era of metal music. According to a recent report by music distributor TuneCore, heavy metal appears to be the genre of music that is expanding at the fastest rate worldwide.

One of the most intriguing aspects of metal is that it has 91 different sub-genres, according to Spotify. That is a figure that the vast majority of metalheads would regard as low. The band’s signature melodic style was developed in 1993, at the height of the Gothenburg scene in Sweden. It is influenced by British new-wave metal and features heavily distorted guitars, blast beats, and harmonic guitar lines, as well as harsh and melodic singing.

It also incorporates influences from other types of metal. The boundaries of this musical classification have widened in recent years, which is a very unfortunate development. Many songs categorized as melodic death metal are now shunned by hardcore fans as being something entirely different. As a result, putting together a playlist of melodic death metal songs suitable for background music during gaming sessions is a difficult task. We scoured internet message boards for good songs of this type, and the results are presented below; however, listeners who are already into melodic death metal will probably not enjoy them. Nonetheless, they are metal songs, which will raise the adrenaline levels of the vast majority of casual gamers.

Scar Symmetry with Prism and Gate

Scar Symmetry is a band from Avesta, Sweden, that formed in 2004. They have already released six albums and are currently promoting new music with the German record label Nuclear Blast. In 2008, they released their third studio album, Holographic Universe. This was the last album to feature vocalist Christian Evesham.

The ninth song in this twelve-song collection is ideal for first-person shooter games as well as fast-paced online blackjack games. Scar Symmetry has collaborated with Prism and Gate to create a one-of-a-kind offering that combines growls with extremely melodic choruses.

Unrestrained – in hushed tones

Kai Palo, Mikko Mattila, and Jouni Valjakka are the three musicians who make up the band Whispered, which is based in Finland. Since 2001, this trio has been making music together, and the music of Japanese traditional instruments has been their primary source of inspiration throughout this time. When Valjakka first got the band together, they went by the name Zealot. In 2004, however, they decided to change their name to Whispered.

The band was initially started by Valjakka. To this day, they have only released a total of three albums, but their second studio album, titled Shogunate Macabre, has garnered the majority of the praise from critics. The song “Unrestrained” has a very upbeat tempo, and anyone who listens to it should feel their head bobbing and their heart beating at a rate that is significantly faster than normal. A few sounds that are reminiscent of Japanese instrumentation can be heard here and there.

Machinae Supremacy is the name of Player One’s faction in the game

Machinae Supremacy, from Sweden, is undeniably one of the most well-known bands on this list. They are included here. This decision may be viewed as controversial because a large number of people consider it to be a power metal band. Despite this, a sizeable portion of their songs features melodic singing in some form or another.

Their music also contains sounds that are reminiscent of 8-bit arcades, which has caused a schism among the fans of the band. Dues Ex Machinae was Machinae Supremacy’s first studio album, and it was released by Music by Design. The sixth track on the album, which is now titled “Player One,” was originally going to be called “Return to Arcade.” The song “Player One” by Machinae has withstood the test of time and continues to be one of the band’s most popular tracks on YouTube.

Blood Stain Child, as performed by Moon Light Wave, by Moon Light Wave

The band that would later be known as Blood Stain Child was initially formed in Osaka in 1999 under the name Visionquest. They enjoy incorporating trance and electronic-industrial sounds into their music, as do many other bands in the melodic death metal genre. Their sound has been described as “drifting from Scandinavia to the Land of the Rising Sun.”

Moon Light Wave is a song that can be found on the album Epsilon, which was released by Pony Canyon in the year 2011. This is the eighth track on the album, and sonically, it represents the early 2000s in a very authentic way. When compared to other metal bands from Japan, Blood Stain Child stands out because both Sophia Aslanides and Aki sing in English which is exceptionally clear on their album Epsilon.

“Bullet for My Valentine” is the name of the band that performs the song “Hearts Burst Into Fire.”

In many instances, the band Bullet for My Valentine is categorized as a metalcore band. However, according to Matthew Tuck, the band’s lead vocalist, the band plays melodic metal. Their original name was Jeff Killed John, and they began their careers as a band primarily known for playing cover versions of songs by Nirvana and Metallica.

They revamped their public persona in the year 2002, right before signing a recording contract with Sony. Their second studio album, titled Scream Aim Fire, features the song “Heart Burst Into Fire” as the second track on the album. Along with a tour clip music video, it reached its highest position on the Rock Billboard chart in the United States at number 22.

Other excellent examples of melodic metal songs that are worth listening to are “Just Breathe” by Demon Hunter, “Force of Nature” by the Unguided, and “Heart of Eve” by Sonic Syndicate, and “Cypher Drone” by Disarmonia Mundi.